NeurIPS 2021におけるGoogleの存在感


1.NeurIPS 2021におけるGoogleの存在感まとめ

・12/6(月)-12(火)に今年最大の機械学習会議であるNeurIPS 2021が仮想空間で開催
・Accepted Papers 164本、Tutorials 6、Workshops 18、Expo 3

2.NeurIPS 2021とは?

以下、ai.googleblog.comより「Google at NeurIPS 2020」の意訳です。元記事の投稿は2021年12月6日、Jaqui HermanさんとCat Armatoさんによる投稿です。

アイキャッチ画像はNeurIPS 2021の全論文のタイトルを直接ワードクラウド化したものです。

今週(訳注:12/6 – 12/12なので既に終わっています。)、今年最大の機械学習学会である第35回神経情報処理システム学会(NeurIPS 2021)が始まります。NeurIPS 2021は仮想空間で開催され、招待講演、デモ、最新の機械学習研究の発表が行われます。また、今年のNeurIPSでは、新たにDatasets and Benchmarksトラックを発表し、この研究分野に関連する論文、講演、ポスター、ディスカッションが行われる予定です。




Organizing Committee
Communications Co-Chair: 1名
Program Co-Chair: 1名
Workshop Co-Chair: 1名
Senior Area Chairs:21名
Area Chairs:99名
NeurIPS Foundation Board 2021:5名

Test of Time Award:1本

以下がNeurIPS 2021で発表されて概要が翻訳済のものです。

(1)Deep Reinforcement Learning at the Edge of the Statistical Precipice
RLiable: Towards Reliable Evaluation & Reporting in Reinforcement Learning

(2)There Is No Turning Back: A Self-Supervised Approach for Reversibility-Aware Reinforcement Learning
Self-Supervised Reversibility-Aware Reinforcement Learning

(3)TokenLearner: Adaptive Space-Time Tokenization for Videos.
Improving Vision Transformer Efficiency and Accuracy by Learning to Tokenize

(4)CoAtNet: Marrying Convolution and Attention for All Data Sizes
Toward Fast and Accurate Neural Networks for Image Recognition

(5)The Sensory Neuron as a Transformer: Permutation-Invariant Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning
Permutation-Invariant Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning

(6)Brax – A Differentiable Physics Engine for Large Scale Rigid Body Simulation
Speeding Up Reinforcement Learning with a New Physics Simulation Engine

(7)Dataset Distillation with Infinitely Wide Convolutional Networks
Training Machine Learning Models More Efficiently with Dataset Distillation

(8)Controlling Neural Networks with Rule Representations
Controlling Neural Networks with Rule Representations

(9)Shift-Robust GNNs: Overcoming the Limitations of Localized Graph Training Data
Robust Graph Neural Networks

(10)Attention Bottlenecks for Multimodal Fusion
Multimodal Bottleneck Transformer (MBT): A New Model for Modality Fusion

(11)Deep Learning with Label Differential Privacy
Deep Learning with Label Differential Privacy

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Google at NeurIPS 2021

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